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➸ Struggling to cultivate genuine desire & have low libido?

➸ Feeling disconnected from your body & pleasure?

➸ Lacking sensation in pelvis & genitals?

➸ Finding it hard to "let go" to experience pleasure & orgasm?

➸ Having trouble naming your needs & desires?

➸ Lacking sexual & body confidence?

➸ Stressed out, touched out & overwhelmed?



Imagine how it would feel to...

Re-Connect With Your Pleasure & Orgasmic Sensation

Cultivate Authentic & Lasting Sexual Confidence

Understand How Your Arousal & Desire Behaves

Embody Your Full Shameless Self-Expression


Here is what other women have to say...

Fiona - VIC

I began seeing Tamica as I had been feeling numb and disconnected to my body for some time (stuck in my head). I wondered if I would ever be able to experience pleasure again. Tamica's ability to understand what i tried to articulate at times was uncanny. I only wish I had taken this step earlier. She has opened my heart and mind!

Christina - QLD

" I now allow my sexuality and my sexual embodiment to permeate through all areas of my life. Especially in my art. I feel empowered to spread the word and to help other women to connect with their feminine energy to live the life they deserve. A life that you helped me to live. My life has changed dramatically because of it. No longer caught up in the little issues or dragging around and thinking about things that don't serve me"

Kerrie - NSW

"Can I just say, the communication with my husband both in the bedroom and just general day to day hanging out, is so incredible now. You’ve literally changed my entire relationship! Thank you so much! I look forward to continuing on this journey!!'


Join our 6 month transformational experience designed to help you reconnect with your body, sex and pleasure from the inside out


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Re-connecting to your sexuality & pleasure is a skill that anyone can learn.

This is what I teach inside The Orgasmic Mama course

This is a coaching experience that will transform your sex from the inside out.
You'll move from numb, dull and disconnected to radiant confidence and embodied pleasure

What do you learn in The O'Mama 6 module course

Let's get into the details...

Intention & Momentum


A deep dive into your enduring and compelling why. You know it’s time to move forward in your erotic and sexual self and this module asks you the powerful questions you need to answer so you can finally create every-thing you desire for yourself, your relationship and your authentic sexual expression.

Re-write your sexual stories & scripts


If words truly are spells, precisely what spells are you casting? We’ve all fallen victim to habits, comfortable patterns and “well run” narratives when it comes to our sexuality and embodiment. This module gives you the framework you need to hit a deep re-set on your OLD stories and cultivate the courage required to create a NEW one. Re-writing your sexual stories and scripts is an epic foundation to create from. We are the stories we tell about ourselves. It’s time to speak something new.

Somatic Tools for Embodiment


In this module you learn the potent foundations for somatic self-connection. I step you through foundational breath, sound, movement and conscious self-touch activities and practises that you can use to calm and soothe your nervous system and access deeper and more authentic pleasure. These are the tools we must practise if we want to re-wire our relationship to pleasure, embodiment and enduring self connection. 

Pussy Love & Reclamation


In this module I step you through your internal and external pleasure anatomy. I teach pussy connection actives, de-armouring practises and help guide you to deep relationship with your genitals. This part of your body is too often neglected and under acknowledged as the very seat of your power, intuition and of course, pleasure. Building an unshakable relationship with your pussy will change your life in ways you’d never imagine.

Confident & Empowered Communication


OOFT! This is a big one. Delivered with my gorgeous man Jordan, we share tools and frameworks to ensure you’re showing up in your truth with courage, compassion and clarity. 

We step through foundations for clear and empowered communication, activities you can use in every single area of your life! Non -verbal communication activities and communication tools specific to “the bedroom’’ it’s a chink one , and SO important in reclaiming your most potent and confident self.

Integrating Embodied Confidence


This module is all about “ walking your talk” the prompts, activates and tools you need to show up in the world as your embodied and radiant self. Its where we bridge the worlds – from the O’Mama community into your everyday life. It’s time to share the things you’ve learned and the new sensual landscape you’ve created with those around you. We step through  the “how” and “why” of integration and give you the confidence to stay plugged into the most enlivened version of you. Integration and embodiment are the keys to make this work sustainable. The learning doesn’t stop when you close your lap top – this module makes sure the lifeforce you’ve cultivated lives on and on and on…

Through this journey you will learn the tools to:


➸ Reinvigorate your relationship with your sexual and sensual self

➸ Reignite your internal "spark" and build deeper relationship with your body

➸ Understand the anatomy of your pleasure and learn techniques that allow more pleasure into your body

➸ Understand how your sexual history could be impacting you in the here and now and hit the re-set button on expired beliefs that might be holding you back

➸ Gain lasting and profound sexual confidence

➸ Learn how to embody  radical self love and acceptance

➸ Understand how your desire and libido behaves

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This is where you heal your sexual past in order to fully own your embodied future

When we learn how to fully claim our fearless sexual expression, it creates powerful ripple effects in all areas of our life!


➸ Connect more deeply in your intimate relationships 

➸ Cultivate embodied confidence and presence 

➸ Harness the power of your pleasure hormones to decrease stress 

➸ Learn how to soothe and nurture your nervous system for sustainable transformation

➸ Remember the potency of your erotic nature and watch your sexual expression transform from the inside out




➸ 6 lifechanging modules

➸ Home play and Resources with LIFETIME access




➸ 6 month membership to The O'Mama Circle

➸ 2 x live group embodiment and coaching calls per month

➸ 24/7 access to private Facebook community

➸ Bonus workshops from other leading sexuality professionals

➸ Discounted tickets to O'Mama in person workshops across Australia



➸ You get immediate access to the O'Mama Signature Program AND the The O'Mama Circle membership


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Need more proof?

Here are some more incredible women, just like you, who have been changing their lives doing the work in The O'Mama Community...

Liv - VIC

"Had the best session with Tamica this week! Tamica held a soft and safe space, that was so powerful! Anyone looking for someone to hold, encourage and support their exploration, I couldn’t recommend her more!"

Jasmine - QLD

"I'm so glad Tamica has made herself available to us all via so many amazing Facebook Live and Zoom workshops. It's an absolutely vital resource that I'm so grateful to have at my fingertips. I love the way she presents her work and comes across as a REAL person! She gives off a beautiful vibe and I feel safe knowing I can handle whatever she's about to say or throw our way. I don't cringe when she talks sex, which is a big change for me and is a testament to how approachable and straightforward she is."

Sharon - NSW

"Tonight I participated in Tamica’s Pelvis Activation 101. Such valuable teachings for Mums like me who haven’t tended to her pelvis since pushing out babies. Tamica held a beautiful safe space for us to learn about and nourish our bodies. Lots of great tips and practices to take away. Thank you so much Tamica!"


Tamica Wilder aka The Orgasmic Mama

I am a somatic sexologist and multi-qualified therapist with a deep passion for teaching mums how to re-attune to the language of the body, while giving full permission to shamelessly prioritise pleasure and play!
After experiencing two hectic birth and healing from the trauma of sexual abuse - I feel so utterly committed to passing on what I've learnt to mothers far and wide.

Working with our sexuality, intimacy and the less mastered parts of our human nature can be a tricky and intricate piece of the personal development puzzle. I bring 18 plus years of facilitation and group work experience and guide with compassion, humour, gentleness, love and curiosity, in all that I do.

Even in the throws of the chaos and exhaustion that is modern motherhood - I am well versed in the art of prioritising pleasure. I got educated, cultivated some courage and managed to move from NUMB and DISCONNECTED to ORGASMIC & EMBODIED.

It's my mission and life's work to arm you with the tools you need to do the same.

I want all mums to know - you CAN create lasting and meaningful transformation inside your intimate relationships, your somatic understanding and authentic sexual expression - you've just gotta dive in!

I am SO happy that you're here and genuinely look forward to serving you in your pleasure filled sexploration!


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You're willing to learn how to embody your bliss and awaken your eroticisim


You're ready to get out of your head and INTO your body




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The Orgasmic Mama - Where mind and body connect for epic sex

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