O'Mama Masterclass: From numb and disconnected to open and orgasmic

with Tamica Wilder & Jordan Hackett

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Every day I sit with women from all around the world and get asked these same questions...

How do I cultivate genuine desire and "turn on"  when I'm tired, touched out, stressed, and really busy?

How do I reconnect with my partner while managing the endless list of parenting logistics?

Why do I feel so disconnected from myself, my sex and my desire?

How can I get excited about sex and pleasure again?


In this FREE Masterclass, we will share... 

  • Practical tools to help you re-ignite your desire and arousal
  • The exact practices we've used to move pleasure and embodiment to the TOP of the priority list
  • Body-based practices to help you cultivate more pleasure, sensation and depth in your intimate connections - both with self and others
  • Exactly what it takes to liberate yourself from negative sex narratives and dissolve shame/taboos, so you can reconnect with your authentic and dynamic sexual self!

When and where

Saturday 22nd October 2022 at 10am AEDT on Zoom.