Love, Sex & Intimacy

An evening of rich conversation, education & connection
with Tamica Wilder & Jordan Hackett





Step into conversations that lead you towards passionate love & intimacy


Leave the shame and embarrassment you've been taught at the door and enter a safe educational space

Our Love, Sex & Intimacy evenings are an open invitation to anyone who wants to:

  • see what a passionate, playful and loving relationship can look like
  • increase confidence and deepen self awareness
  • discover new communication tools and frameworks to improve their intimate relating
  • learn or practice having open and empowered conversations about sex and pleasure
  • be re-inspired to create their dream relationship
  • break through stagnant patterns and rekindle intimacy and passion

We invite you to take a lover, partner, friend or your own sexy self on a date... to talk about all the good stuff!

Join us for a special evening or rich conversation, interactive education and connection as we explore what's required to create a life of love, passion and relational fulfillment.


Creating a healthy intimate relationship and passionate sex life can feel like a mysterious challenge sometimes.

You may find yourself stuck in frustrating patterns, wondering how you got here and if there's even a way out.

You don't get given a handbook when you become an adult and our culture is sorely lacking in genuinely useful education.

You deserve passionate love, close tender intimacy and pleasure filled sex, and it's totally achievable... you just have to learn the right tools to make sense of yours and you partner's internal landscape and practice the skills to communicate well.

We have created these events to offer a safe, open, relaxed and fun space to explore the themes of love, sex and intimacy so you can uncover what you need to do and who you need to be to have more of what you want.

What others are saying...

"Beautiful people creating a safe place to be yourself while they share practical tools to become the best version of yourself."

- E. (Victoria)

"I absolutely LOVED this event. It was such a beautiful, safe, insightful and informative evening about all the things that can sometimes feel hard to navigate in a relationship. My partner and I walked away from the event feeling more connected, inspired and compassionate towards each other. So grateful for high quality, authentic spaces and conversation like these. You're both awesome!"

- S.B (Victoria)

"I had a solo night out and got to be a part of an amazing night with Tamica and Jordan, thanks for holding such a safe and honest space. It was so fun and I met some incredible people!"

- G.K (Victoria)

Tamica and Jordan are certified Sexologists, relationship experts, coaches, and passionate lovers.

They live in the Byron Bay area, with Tamica’s two beautiful sons, leading online programs, facilitating workshops and events, and coaching clients from all over the world.

They have 2 decades of combined professional experience using a variety of transformative modalities to assist people in breaking through old patterns, conditioning, and limiting beliefs so they can create more vibrant, joyful, and meaningful lives.

What to expect


These events go for 3 hours, with doors opening 15 minutes before we begin. Light snacks and a drink on arrival is included in your ticket, because along with great education we want to give you a fun night out with a touch of class.

We choose different subjects to explore at each event so no two nights are the same.

You will be invited to ask questions, do small exercises with other people and reflect on your learning - everything is optional. If you just want to sit and listen the whole night that is totally fine with us.

Towards the end we make time for an open Q&A session where you can ask us anything you want.

The Love, Sex & Intimacy evenings are appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about their sexuality and relationships, getting to know us and finding out more about the work we do.

We welcome people of all genders, races, abilities, relationship constellations and sexual identities.

We are set for a fun, classy and insightful evening with surprise giveaways and exclusive invitations to work with us further.

Love, Sex & Intimacy Evening

Friday 21st April, 6pm - 9pm

Brunswick Heads


Move towards passion & pleasure

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Ticket for 1 person, includes drink on arrival & nibbles




Ticket for 2 people, incl. drinks on arrival & nibbles