Erotic Embodiment Immersion

For those ready to feel again.

For those ready to move themselves.

For those willing to remember how to open, play, create, imagine and re-connect to all the bliss this human body has to offer.

For those feeling numb, disconnected, stale and discontent  - this is for you.

If you want to re- awaken your authentic sexual expression, you're in the right place...

YES! I want to re-connect

Erotic embodiment is the foundation of your sexual self connection, confidence and desire.

If you let it , this immersion will re-activate, transform and magnify your sex and pleasure from the inside out.

These are skills anyone can learn

Activating pleasure and eroticisim in your body takes practice. 

Learning how to re-connect to your body, your authentic sexuality and your never ending well of eros is a skill anyone can learn.

But you have to do it choose it.

You have to show up for it.

Im here to support you to make the bold and enduring statement that is -

"I am ready to re-claim and embody my most potent, radiant and vital self. I am ready to fully claim life"


The O'Mama Erotic Embodiment Immersion

Here's what you will learn:

  • How to hit re-set on the thoughts, beliefs and habits that are blocking your erotic body
  • The foundations of somatic self soothing -how to use breath, sound and movement to connect more deeply to your pleasure
  • How to amplify your sensations and create more genuine desire and turn on
  • How to ignite your authentic sexual confidence
  • How to embody your erotic aliveness in everyday life for more energy, radiance and vitality - no matter what life throws at you!
YES! Im ready for this

What are other people saying

"I'm so glad Tamica has made herself available to us all via so many amazing Facebook Live and Zoom workshops. It's an absolutely vital resource that I'm so grateful to have at my fingertips. I love the way she presents her work and comes across as a REAL person! She gives off a beautiful vibe and I feel safe knowing I can handle whatever she's about to say or throw our way. I don't cringe when she talks sex, which is a big change for me and is a testament to how approachable and straightforward she is."

- Jasmine, QLD

"Tonight I participated in Tamica’s Pelvis Activation 101. Such valuable teachings for Mums like me who haven’t tended to her pelvis since pushing out babies. Tamica held a beautiful safe space for us to learn about and nourish our bodies. Lots of great tips and practices to take away. Thank you so much Tamica!"

- Sara, NSW

"Had the best session with Tamica this week! Tamica held a soft and safe space, that was so powerful! Anyone looking for someone to hold, encourage and support their exploration, I couldn’t recommend her more!"

- Liv, VIC

“Tamica this is witchcraft! I practiced a lot with many profound and edgy findings. After the sessions i felt really aware, clear, relaxed and best of all feeling ok and comfy about a relationship thing that's bringing me great anxiety. Plus I'm actually feeling aroused which I didn't think was possible ! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

5 lessons: 4 Intimate group coaching calls with Tamica + videos

Call Dates: Saturday October 24th 11am AEDT

Tuesday November 2nd 8pm AEDT

Tuesday 9th November 8pm AEST

Saturday November 21st 11am aedt


24/7 access to our private online community

Downloadable worksheets, journaling prompts and home-play activities

Erotic Embodiment playlist & lifetime access

Voxer upgrade  option – 1:1 voxer access with Tamica for the duration of the 4 week immersion.

Video lessons will be released throughout the month!

Join me in the Erotic Embodiment Immersion

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100% Money-Back Guarantee

Yep! If you do ALL your practise and home-play tasks and genuinely feel as though the course added no value to your sexuality exploration. I'll give you your money back.

Hi, I'm Tamica Wilder

aka The Orgasmic Mama

I am certified a sex coach and multi-qualified therapist with a deep passion for teaching Mums how to re-attune to the language of the body, while giving full permission to shamelessly prioritise pleasure and play!

After experiencing two hectic birth and healing from the trauma of sexual abuse - I feel so utterly committed to passing on what I've learnt to Mothers far and wide.

Working with our sexuality, intimacy and the less mastered parts of our human nature can be a tricky and intricate piece of the personal development puzzle. I bring 18 plus years of facilitation and group work experience and guide with compassion, humour, gentleness, love and curiosity, in all that I do.

Even in the throws of the chaos and exhaustion that is modern motherhood - I am well versed in the art of prioritising pleasure. I got educated, cultivated some courage and managed to move from NUMB and DISCONNECTED to ORGASMIC & EMBODIED.

Frequently Asked Question's

Ok let's do this!